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Are you as sick and tired as I am of seeing all of the lies and deception in the affiliate marketing and online business arena? I hear from disgruntled affiliate marketers all the time who say "why should I buy your product... I bought product x and it didn't work". I bought into a lot of it myself in years past as I learned the ropes, but you no longer have to. I am now letting the cat out of the bag by giving you the inside scoop on what they don't tell you and why you may not be making the money that you think you should.

Why should you read this report? If you can answer YES to any of the questions below, then this FREE book is for you.

Have you tried to make money in affiliate marketing and failed?

Have you bought multiple products, ebooks, expert interviews, DVD's, videos, or any system that offers to help you make money, but couldn't make it work?

Do you who wants to make more money in affiliate marketing?

Do you want to know why you aren't seeing the success that "everyone else" allegedly has?

Do you simple want to make more money online (and without spending a fortune)?

Do you want to know why your affiliate marketing business never took off?

Do you want to turn your online business around?

"I have read the copy of "What The Affiliate Marketing Gurus Don't Tell You" and I found it very comprehensive.  It is by far the most informative piece on affiliate marketing that I have seen, and is just what this industry needs, a good shot of integrity.  It will be an inspiration to anyone who has been a victim of the many unscrupulous AMG's. Your deeply compassionate approach to this business is to be lauded.  ...I say that this is a stroke of genius and I'm not kidding. You truly believe that along with success comes responsibility and you practice what you preach. I have a much better understanding of affiliate marketing now..."

Mike W, IL

Here is what's inside:

1. In the section titled "Misconceptions and Deception" you will learn 8 reasons why you are not as successful as the guru's you buy products from.

2. You will learn the ONLY resource that you need to earn money with affiliate marketing. The guru's will hate me, but you do not need to buy every system out there to be successful. Trust me, I have bought most of them.

3. What "advanced" affiliate marketing courses are recommended and why.

4. Three additional ways you can make money online without affiliate marketing (after you learn that affiliate marketing just isn't for everyone). One of these methods has helped one of my colleagues earn in excess of $500 EVERY DAY in residual income and some even say it's better than affiliate marketing.

Best of all... IT's 100% FREE - No Catch!.

It should be one of the most eye opening reports that you've ever seen, and I could easily justify charging plenty of money for this ebook.  You will save hundreds of dollars by nots spending your hard earned money on bogus ebooks and home based business opportunities.  I also share the resources that I have used to make an automated four figure income, which I duplicated several times over (with NO Pay Per Click or marketing expenses) .  I share with you the challenges and offer tried and trusted solutions.  Many people have also complained that there is no guidance or direction from the guru's that they buy from.  This happens in one of two cases:

a. Buying the wrong ebook or product at the wrong time. It's like trying to get a Masters degree before getting a bachelors degree. Many of you out there have bought courses that are too advanced so you don't have a chance at success with it. I will share with you the one resource that will set you straight (and no, it's not one of my own books or products that I am promoting). It is a guide that it written by one of the industry veterans who sits back quietly making several hundred thousand dollars per year and does not continue to hype new products all the time.

b. Buying the wrong ebook or product from the wrong person. There are definitely scams out there and sadly there are people that will take your hard earned money and do nothing.

What you will get?

1. A Reality Check (to be followed by affiliate checks).  Simply put, you will see how to put it all together and make a real business out of affiliate marketing.

2. Affiliate Marketing Updates & News . There is so much to keep up with in the arena of affiliate marketing, online business, and Internet Marketing. My goal is to bring you what you need to know through our newsletter, The Affiliate News.

Wishing you the best!


Anthony Kirlew
Internet & Affiliate Marketing Expert
Author, Recession Proof Your Business (by dominating your niche market online)
Author, Clickbank Profit Secrets
Author, What The Affiliate Marketing Guru's Don't Tell You

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